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Spotter Stefan Sobot stefanbud3
Spottato a Belgrade, Serbia
Data 2023-05-26 16:47
Camera model NIKON D7100
Aperture f/2.8
Shutterspeed 1/60 sec.
Focal length 35.0 mm

Reupload with much better photos. Last shot is taken previous year, also in Belgrade.

Dettagli auto

Velocità massima 315 KM/H
Accelerazione 0-100 KM/H 4.00 s
Potenza 519 HP
Frizione 590 Nm @ 8000 RPM
Peso 1550 kg

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    SERBIA BrickShark  -  per 17:13


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    UKRAINE suishafter.png  -  per 22:47

    Congratulations with the Spot of the Day 🏆

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    NETHERLANDS OJ  -  per 23:13

    Nice find!

    Theres now Serbian car news on the front page too!

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    SERBIA Stefan Sobot  -  per 12:40

    Thanks guys!
    I hope that we will see more news and articles about spots and events from Serbia on our front page as well, although it's good to have it active once again.

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    SERBIA Nikoladin11  -  per 17:00

    nisam video gallardo kod nas vec skoro 2 godine...

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    SERBIA Stefan Sobot  -  per 18:29

    Samo se ovaj vozi, nazalost, ne znam sta je sa ostala tri.

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    SLOVAKIA davidko15  -  per 16:26

    Amazing spot, good work!

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    SERBIA Stefan Sobot  -  per 21:16


  9. Non è ok

Altro Lamborghini Gallardo spot

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