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Spotter Rostyslav
Spottato a London, United Kingdom
Data 2024-06-09 22:00

Loud and crazy looking flame spitting GT-R owned by @kami.ibrahim


Camera model Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Aperture f/3.2
Shutterspeed 1/320 sec.
Focal length 70.0 mm

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA carspottingobsessed  -  per 22:50


  2. Profile pic
    ITALY Dalzzz  -  per 23:17

    Crazy shots!

  3. Profile pic
    UNITED KINGDOM ST22HTV  -  per 23:31

    Absolutely incredible pictures!!!! Looks amazing. I've seen this one at a car show once, looked great

  4. Profile pic
    UNITED KINGDOM JJMad  -  per 10:53

    Insane spot and photos!

  5. Profile pic
    Ferrari-Lamborghini Fan  -  per 12:15

    Insane burnning first photo and awesome body kit on this Nissan GT-R , stunning and insane spot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS Dylan.  -  per 17:38

    Insane pictures mate!

  7. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS Flint_Cars  -  per 18:21

    Awsome first photo! The car looks brutal!

  8. Profile pic
    POLAND warsaw.spotter  -  per 18:34

    Incredible 1st photo. Really like this car!

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    NETHERLANDS EcnerualCars  -  per 20:09

    This is such an insane creation. Very cool photos, love the 1st

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    BELGIUM Beamen  -  per 21:06

    Insane spot! Your pics are sick ! 👍️

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    UNITED KINGDOM Hyenaboy  -  per 21:08

    Nice spot, voted

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    ITALY JACK888 Turin Spotter  -  per 22:31

    Insane GT-R, that first pic is crazy! Very nice first spot! 👍️

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    NETHERLANDS tk97  -  per 03:36

    Beautiful photos, great spot mate!

  14. Profile pic
    HUNGARY LittleG  -  per 13:48

    Insane machine and photos! 😄

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    NETHERLANDS autospotter#lenno  -  per 19:41

    Epic! Such an amazing spot!

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