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Spotter ig8590151585 FRANCE
Spottato a Monaco, Monaco
Data 2019-06-05 10:57

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Velocità massima 387 km/u
Accelerazione 0-100 km/u 3.20 s
Potenza 627 pk
Frizione 617 Nm @ 4000 tpm
Peso 1138 kg

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    FRANCE ig8590151585  -  per 10:59

    My instagram: ????holycarz

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    FRANCE ig8590151585  -  per 10:59


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    NETHERLANDS Sm@rt  -  per 19:24

    Wow! Amazing spot, even for Monaco.

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    SAN MARINO hardstyler  -  per 20:46

    You won Monaco. A true legend on the move. Incredible!

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    NETHERLANDS pieterbmw  -  per 15:31

    The running costs of this car are 'amazing'

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 3rdGear  -  per 21:54

    Wow! You saw my favorite car!

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    GHANA goxoba  -  per 07:14

    Dream car has some club that will be used to access over the portion this used to put the services that have to read. I need to put some facts on it so I visit this used to aspire the fact according to the path on it that will make formation complete on this.

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    AUSTRALIA nickwilks88  -  per 10:49

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 3rdGear  -  per 22:35

    This is my favorite car! Amazing spot!

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