Ferrari F12berlinetta

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  • Horse-Power
  • Miami Beach (FL), United States of America
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  • Spottato la prima volta a Miami Beach (FL)
  • I spotted this Florida tagged horse ( HIPY78 ) entering the Route 66 hand car wash located off of Bay Road in South Beach.

  • 10 812 10 2018-02-12 02:02
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  1. user avatar

    Nice in yellow, just wish it head black rims instead. Great find again.

    per 02:07
  2. user avatar

    Thanks buddy.

    per 02:26
  3. user avatar

    Almost perfect spec. Just as Steven (OPspotters), just wish it had black rims.
    My weekend was quite peaceful. I spent it with my family at home, watching Winter Olympics. I hope you and all your family have a peaceful, pleasant week. Take care, buddy! I'll talk to you soon.

    per 11:48
  4. user avatar

    Fantastic spec, i'd choose this aswell if i could!

    per 13:33
  5. user avatar
    Nico K. Photography

    Amazing Spot as always!

    per 19:10
  6. user avatar

    Nice car and pics!

    per 21:34
  7. user avatar

    Thank you Henry, Thom, Nico, and Pieter04 for your comments.

    per 01:35
  8. user avatar

    Great spot West!In the last photo there are two cars behind the F12,M4 and a C7 Stingray?

    per 10:07
  9. user avatar
    JACK888 Turin Spotter


    per 18:42
  10. user avatar

    Thank you Ariel, and Giacomo for your comments.

    @superfast Hi Ariel, honestly I have no clue what was in the car wash bay. I did glance in that direction but my main focus was the Ferrari. I have never been to this car wash before, so I was trying to be low key.

    per 01:50