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Spotter PatrickC
Spottato a Doha, Qatar
Data 2024-05-13 09:35

Awesome 296 GTB. For some reason, one of the valet guys told me that taking pictures with a DSLR wasn't allowed, however with my phone it was no problem. Weird. The next time with another valet guy, it was no problem again. So some pictures are DSLR, others are with phone.


Camera model Canon EOS 6D Mark II
Aperture f/6.3
Shutterspeed 1/50 sec.
Focal length 24.0 mm

Dettagli auto

Velocità massima 335 KM/H
Accelerazione 0-100 KM/H 2.90 s
Potenza 830 HP
Frizione 740 Nm @ 6250 RPM
Peso 1458 kg

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    FINLAND carspottertku  -  per 09:38

    Cool find!

  2. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS Carspotter_Japie  -  per 09:46

    Erg dikke spec!

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    NETHERLANDS gertjeR  -  per 10:02

    Gave wagen en spot!

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    BELGIUM l.a._carphotography_  -  per 11:01

    Haha speciaal man. Die ene vaker zal zich gewoon het mannetje voelen ofzo😂. Dikke spot.

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    GERMANY Bremensupercars  -  per 11:22

    Nice pictures and spot! 👍️

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    NETHERLANDS Carspotter-Arjan  -  per 17:38

    Super dik!

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    ITALY JACK888 Turin Spotter  -  per 20:06

    Great spot! Sadly you can meet strange people while spotting haha

  8. Non è ok

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